Coaching and Teaching:

Paul is passionate about mobilizing people to join the work God is doing around the world. He’d love to interact more with you and/or your church’s leadership to help you move down the path of partnership.

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“Paul’s messages combine years of missional experience with a passion to see healthy, gospel-centered
transformation take place in the lives of people at home and around the world. As a communicator, he is able to
strike the balance between philosophical and practical, seasoned with a good dose of humor.”   

– James Ward, Director of International Programming
The 410 Bridge

“Paul understands the needs in global engagement today. He is a student of mission movements across the world
and has identified key strategic issues to be addressed. His engaging and personable manner in presenting is both
refreshing and effective. He is someone you need around the table when discussing these issues.”

– Darryl Meekins, PhD, Associate Professor, Summit university
Senior Lecturer – Cornerstone Institute (South Africa)
Director, Praxis Global

“Paul spoke at our fall fundraising banquet and encouraged those present to follow God wherever He leads—not only in missions, but in our lives in general. He used scriptural examples, personal stories and even wove in some stories from our organization which was a nice touch. The feedback we got was incredibly positive. Even now, almost a month after the banquet, people are still commenting about how encouraged they were by the message and that they were challenged in their view of missions and their own walk with the Lord. Paul was entertaining, yet informative and spoke with authority as one who, himself, is following God along the pathway he has been placed. Thanks to Paul for his willingness to join us in our efforts to raise funds for our organization, but also to spread the message of ministering responsibly in Haiti (and beyond).”

– Crystal Funk, Founder and President
Hearts United with Haiti

More About Paul:      

Born in Zimbabwe, and the great-grandson of Irish immigrants, Paul’s upbringing and cross-cultural exposure have given him a unique perspective on international engagement. For more than a decade, Paul has led the Global Outreach initiatives of Parker Hill Church, a thriving multi-site church in Northeast Pennsylvania. He has had the opportunity to train church leaders in large and small group settings both in the states and abroad in countries like Germany, Kenya, and Haiti.

Paul’s passion is mobilizing people to engage in what God is doing around the world. This often means moving from a traditional missionary approach to an innovative engagement in global partnerships. Under Paul’s leadership, and through collaboration with the 410 Bridge, Parker Hill has formed healthy and sustainable alliances in Kenya and Haiti. In both places, American believers are coming alongside national leaders in an effort to move toward Christ-centered, community-initiated development.

Paul earned a bachelor’s degree from Summit University, and went on to earn degrees in master of ministry and doctor of ministry programs. Paul is married to Aimee, his high school sweetheart, and has four children: Mattie, Jackson, Andie and Ella. They spend their days traveling, laughing with friends, and organizing family talent shows.