BakerFor some time, my prayer has been that Americans serving abroad would seek to expand God’s Kingdom, rather than build their own. This book is part of the answer to that prayer. If I could, I’d give a copy of it to every person traveling cross-culturally.

Walk This Way is an insightful, honest look at the challenging work of international ministry. From biblical perspectives rooted in scripture to practical, boots-on-the-ground examples, Paul McGuinness offers straightforward, focused wisdom on engaging with what God is doing in the world. I was convicted and encouraged, challenged and inspired, provoked and motivated.

If you want to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God into global ministry, here’s your field manual.

Christi Baker
Founder and Director
Canopy Life Academy

BakThis is a very insightful, honest and practical book that I highly recommend to every church member and church leader who is preparing to join or participate in global mission. Filled with real life stories, the right questions and biblical support, this book will help you better understand how to bring much glory to our God though partnership with indigenous leaders. It will lift up your foreign ministry to a next level.

Eugene Bakhmutsky
Senior Vice President
Russian Union of Evangelicals

FitchI’ve had the privilege of observing Paul McGuinness lead our church’s mission’s initiatives over the past decade. He has moved our church from a traditional U.S. missionary model to engagement in global partnerships, and in the process has mobilized hundreds from our congregation into global awareness and involvement through Global Outreach Journeys, Child Sponsorship, Special Projects, and more.

Paul was an early adopter in the global partnership conversation and has become an expert in helping U.S. congregations partner with global communities for redemptive transformation.

You will find Paul’s experience, captured in the pages of this book, to be practical and helpful as you take your next step toward global partnerships.

Mark Fitch
Executive Pastor of Adult Ministries
Parker Hill Church, Scranton, PA

FrancoisI read Walk This Way with great interest. I am sure it will add knowledge and wisdom to people like me working in sustainable development on the front line. With humility and tact, Paul insightfully shares how to partner with global churches and communities instead of showing up and pretending to know what needs to done. Yes, it is easier said than done, but it is possible. Having partnered with Paul, I can testify that he practices what he preaches. We’ve seen it in Haiti, specifically in Maliarette, where Paul’s church has a dynamic partnership.

Paul helps us to realize that the continual pouring of aid (financial, technical and political) into underdeveloped countries is the wrong path to move down. Empowering community leaders and local churches is a much better option. By shifting the “let-me-show-you” paradigm to “let’s-figure-it-out-together,” we will create new generations that will take control of the sustainable development within their global communities.

Paul McGuinness’ Walk This Way is a must-read for anyone who is serious about partnering in God’s global work. May this book be used for the advancement of the Kingdom!

Crizauld Francois
Country Director
410 Bridge, Haiti

FriesenWalk This Way gives its reader a clear and smooth path to journey on as they consider how God is calling them out of their static lives and into dynamic service.  McGuinness reminds us that in any ministry we become involved with, God is already hard at work laying down roads for us to become involved in His wonders.  McGuinness’s writing style has a way of bringing the questions that many of our hearts are asking into a meaningful discussion regarding Global Ministry. As you consider how God wants to involve you in His mission to the people He so deeply loves, Walk This Way is a strategic read.

Dr. Bradley D. Friesen
Pastor of Global Ministries
Centre Street Church, Calgary

GuuruWalk This Way by Paul McGuinness is a simple and easy to understand manuscript for partnership mission. It’s not only rich with valuable information on how to engage in healthy partnerships, but also full of Paul’s personal experiences that are very captivating. His shared thoughts and experiences takes the reader through captivating biblical truth of what it means to be the people of God in the global neighborhood. If you or those you know are ready to engage in partnership in the Gospel, Walk This Way should be your first tool.

Andrew Guuru
Country Director
410 Bridge, Kenya and Uganda

The ideas Paul writes about in this book are not just theory, they are realities our church has experienced. It has been a privilege to see the implementation of these concepts firsthand. Several years ago, when Paul move into his role of leadership over our church’s missions program, he slowly but surely led us to adopt an entirely new perspective and approach to how we “do missions.” It was a move away from an unattached sending of our money to becoming true ministry partners. That is, partners with our friends in Kenya and Haiti in what God is doing in and through them, and us. The change was not easy. It was a move away from the way things had been done for decades. But in time, as people of our church saw and experienced the results, a new mindset has been created. Today we consider our Global partners true partners and friends in ministry. We minister to each other and with each other. And the result has been phenomenal. Read this text carefully, it will cause you to rethink how you “do missions.”

Bill Higley
Vice President of Academics
Summit University

KandlerSimply put, Paul McGuinness gets it. Walk This Way is a powerful and practical guide for forward-thinking missions leaders who want more than just the theoretical. Paul has a solid understanding of what it means to “partner well.” The principles and practical applications he outlines in his book are foundational to the work our organization (The 410 Bridge) does in the some of the poorest communities around the world. It is required reading for all 410 Bridge staff and we are grateful for it.

Kurt Kandler
Executive Director
410 Bridge

MbuguaIn our increasingly connected world, Paul McGuinness delivers a compelling, insightful perspective on how we can best help those in need. With a focus on our God-given capacity to come alongside others in their journey, Walk This Way offers a renewed spirit of reciprocity in our approach to global relationships.

Tata J. Mbugua, Ph.D
University of Scranton


MwangiWalk This Way gives grace-filled answers to questions on compassion and development. It offers practical ways to engage community partners into genuine self-development and meaningful, long-lasting change. This is a must-read for anyone interested in having a positive global impact on current and future generations.

Rev. James Mwangi
Deliverance Chapel, Karogoto, Kenya

NolanFinally . . . a book about a healthy approach to missions that is both practical and thought-provoking. Whether you are a seasoned mission’s pastor or just exploring the idea of international service, this book is for you. Paul McGuinness’ approach to global ministry can help anyone desiring to strategically engage in God’s global work. It challenged me, and I have no doubt it will challenge you.

Billy Nolan
Director of Global Partnerships
North Point Ministries, Atlanta, GA

RickettWalk This Way by Paul McGuinness is a quick and easy read on the indispensable components of partnership in mission. Paul’s insights are born from the hard lessons of experience and a deep desire to help the church wholeheartedly serve Christ. Walk This Way takes the reader through profound biblical truths of what it means to be the people of God in the global neighborhood. If you or someone you know is new to partnership in the gospel, Walk This Way is a strong first step.

Daniel Rickett
Executive Vice President
She Is Safe

StuenziI have known Paul for 20 years as both a friend and a fellow pastor. Through Paul’s leadership, our church has adopted a global outreach strategy that has produced amazing results in our partner communities, and has captured the hearts of our people. I never imagined that our church could be so deeply invested – spiritually, emotionally, and relationally – in helping write God’s story around the world. The ideas described in this book will open your eyes to the beauty of the global church and give you a bigger vision for what can be accomplished in partnership with our brothers and sisters in other cultures. If you are serious about making a lasting difference in this world, this book will show you how.

Mark Stuenzi
Lead Pastor
Parker Hill Church, Scranton, PA

SwansonThe world has changed but global missions has stubbornly and most assuredly tried to stay the same. In Walk This Way, Paul McGuinness invites us to walk with him, slashing our way through the underbrush of tried and true methodologies of the past to discover new realities and more effective ways to make disciples in all the nations.

Eric Swanson
Leadership Network
Co-author of To Transform a City


ThomasWalk This Way is a fabulous primer on cultivating healthy global partnerships.  I can think of no other book that marries thoughtful theological reflection with so many invaluable principles and helpful tools. No doubt it will be in high-rotation as I re-read it, recommend it, loan it, teach it, and learn from it all over again.  All the while, celebrating (with it) God’s glorious plan to make Himself known by calling all peoples into Gospel partnership!

Jeanette Thomas
Pastor of Extension Ministries
Christ Community Church, Kansas City